Common Discusses His Memoir “Let Love Have The Last Word,” Ranks His Albums, Talks Relationship With Kanye & More [WATCH]

Rapper, actor, author, among many other titles, the man himself Common stopped by the Power 106 #LIFTOFF to chop it up with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk about his new music, personal favorite albums, working with J Dilla, relationship with Kanye West, and more.

While discussing his new book “Let Love Have The Last Word,” the Chicago rapper shares a part where he talks about his daughter confronting him and saying he was not being a good father in her eyes, which in turn lead them to having an open discussion and growing closer because of it. DJ Sourmilk is about to have his first daughter and asks Common what his best fatherly advice is, which he states

“The biggest thing I expressed to her was if you give her the love she deserves, she’ll know her value. I made sure she knew she was of value,” he said about raising a young queen.

Common has been in the rap game for many years progressing with his sound and explains his secret to staying relevant for so long:

“I just believe that my love for music and hip hop culture and writing has always driven me to want to be better and grow. I don’t stay in one place, none of my albums sound the same. Musically I take chances. Those type of albums allow you to have a longer career… Being true to yourself is key, but that goes for knowing yourself too.

Watch the full interview below to see him rank all of his albums from favorite to least favorite and catch his CRAZY freestyle HERE.

We’ve also uploaded the interview as a podcast. Check it out below.


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