Nas & Travis Scott Discuss Rap & Relevance In The Latest Issue Of Playboy [PEEP]

New school and old school unite in the latest issue of Playboy.

Hip-hop icon Nas and modern day rap superstar Travis Scott sit down for an epic 1-on-1 conversation for Playboy. If you know the slightest thing about hip-hop, Nas and Scott are from two completely different generations, cities with different upbringings. During this interview it is amazing to see the bridging of respect from an older generation to the current new wave.

They speak on topics that range from rap to relevance, such as technology in the rap game, the differences in hip-hop across the generations, story telling through Politics, and more.

Throughout their conversation we are able to read about the many similarities and differences between both men as they openly shares differences in their recording process. This conversation is conducted with tons of humility as both simultaneously display respect and honor to one another.

Nas ends the conversation by offering some words to the younger generation saying, The hip-hop game is about staying and sustaining and keeping it going. You’re a great rapper, but they can’t just put you in a rapper box, because your music is going in so many different directions. You’re a rock star, and it always was like that.”


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