NEW LEAK: Steven G. – ‘ShowGreat 3’ [PREMIERE]

Rising rapper Steven G. makes his return with the third installment of his ‘ShowGreat’ series via ArtClub and EMPIRE.

‘ShowGreat 3’ will have a bigger impact than the recent two to Steven because he believes signing to ArtClub with distribution through EMPIRE will bring him more exposure. “I think that’s what make the impact bigger, I’m in a totally different space and situation,” he said.

Containing a total of 8-tracks, ‘ShowGreat 3’ includes recently-released single “Super Villain” and my personal favorite off the project “Blue Hunnads.”

When asked what this project means to him Steven said:

“Progress. This is my best body of work. Showgreat 3 is a stamp,” Steven says. “We worked our way up here. Everything is different. The music just feels different, it sounds different. It’s still ShowGreat, but it’s like a new and improved ShowGreat. It’s the most important one to me. It’s now or never.”

Stream it below.


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