Shordie Shordie Talks “Bitchuary,” His Captain Hook Nickname & What’s Next For Him [WATCH]

Baltimore rapper Shordie Shordie came through Power 106 to chop it up with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk on his process of creating music and what is next for him.

Shordie tells Justin and Milk that one of his standout tracks “Bitchuary” was inspired by a phone call with a girl and her homegirl was on the phone with a guy, hung up and called another guy, which gave him the inspiration for the line “B***h you a dog and your homegirl too.”

He goes on to explain the meaning behind the song title of the song and says it is his goal to make relatable music. “Whatever I’m going through or whatever I hear people going through. All music is relatable.”

Watch below.


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