The Game Talks About His Upcoming ‘Born 2 Rap’ Album, Nipsey Hussle, Calls Dr. Dre & More [WATCH]

By now you’ve probably either heard or watched The Game unload bars on his L.A. Leakers freestyle. If you haven’t you’re late but still have time. Aside from bringing that fire he sat down for a conversation with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk on the Power 106 #LIFTOFF.

With the Don Julio 1942 flowing, Game kept it all the way candid and honest in his interview with the homies. He spoke about his upcoming ‘Born 2 Rap’ album and why it’s his last, addressed Nipsey Hussle’s unfortunate passing, said he’s never lost a bet to Drake, reacted to the Lakers acquisition of Anthony Davis, and a whole lot more.

“It is the last album. You know what man, 10 albums is good. No other rapper outside of Drake has more number one albums than me. We tied at nine. But, my album comes out, hopefully he don’t throw no sh*t out before me,” The Game said about his upcoming album. “Nine number one albums, bro. I’m tied with Drake, that’s a big feat in its own. Living down the street from Drake, him living down the street from Game; I mean, this sh*t is cool to me!”

Watch the full interview below.



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